Emission Repairs & Inspections

At Velasquez Complete Auto Care, we want our customers to have the opportunity to feel comfortable & safe in their vehicle.  Velasquez Complete Auto Care repairs vehicles who fail the states emission tests. All vehicles can be serviced by our ASE certified mechanics. Bring your cars, trucks, SUVs & vans to one of our locally owned and family operated auto shops!

12+ Locations Throughout the Chicagoland & Milwaukee Area

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The Chicagoland & Milwaukee area requires vehicles to undergo emissions testing in order to minimize air pollution in and around metropolitan areas. If your vehicle fails the emissions test, you cannot complete your annual vehicle registration.

Emissions tests minimize harmful pollutants in the air. With over 20 million Americans currently diagnosed with asthma, it is even more important to do all we can to keep air clean. By reducing harmful toxins in the air, we can protect everyone.

At Velasquez Complete Auto Care, we can repair & fix your failed emissions if you failed the test. We are your 1 stop shop for emissions testing and repairs.

Want to buy an used vehicle or concerned with your current one?  For inspections, our team can also perform multi-point inspections on all vehicles.  Don’t buy an used car unless it is inspected first!